10 things to know before you go

March 12, 2020

10 things to know before you go!

Hello Friends of the Inn,

If you’re looking to go on a vacation, you always want to ensure that you have all the details on the location where you are visiting. Well,to help set your expectations of what your Jamaica Inn vacation will be like, here’s a list of things to know before you go.

  1. Dog lovers, rejoice. We are fortunate to have a dog on property. She is a black lab named Shadow IV, and she loves spending time with you on the beach and in the water.
  2. There are no in-room TVs. There is a television in the main bar for must-see events, although you will probably be more focused on relaxing on the beach.
  3. Beautiful weather. Don’t worry if the forecast calls for rain. Most of the time that rain is in the mountains above Ocho Rios and it remains sunny at the Inn.
  4. Free Resort-wide WI-FI. We have excellent complimentary WI-FI and the views around the property are spectacular.
  5. No smoking, please. Jamaica law forbids cigarette/cigar smoking or vaping in hotel rooms or public areas. We do have two designated smoking areas on property. Smoking of marijuana is not permitted anywhere on property.
  1. Smart casual evening dining. In the evenings for men we require collared shirts, slacks and closed foot shoes at our bar terrace and restaurant. You’re sure to look sharp!
  2. No young children. We are family friendly however our long standing policy is we only accept children ten years and older on property. This is to keep the peaceful atmosphere of the resort.
  3. We are not an All-Inclusive hotel. We do however have a wide range of meal plans to choose from.
  4. Please no drones. Take as many pictures of our beautiful property as you like but please refrain from using a drone.
  5. Embrace environmental sustainability. We support the White River Fish Sanctuary located just offshore by planting new coral to attract a wide array of colorful fish for swimmers/snorkelers to enjoy. Ask how you can help!

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