5 Ways to Stay Green While Traveling

December 28, 2018

Our commitment to sustainability not only involves the efforts to maintain the White River Fish Sanctuary but includes fosters on going initiatives all throughout the hotel. This also includes the responsibility to spread environmental awareness in our local communities and with guests. We’ve made a pledge to increase marine life buy 500% in the next 5 years and we believe we can make a greater impact by influencing those who travel to our shores as well. Sustainability has ripple effects and we believe small acts (even while traveling) can make a significant difference. Here are some the ways you can help too:

  • Recycle – We propose drinking from personal water bottles while traveling on vacation instead of choosing plastic bottled water or juice options. Another way to support this is to choose hotels that have a current recycling program.
  • Dim or reduce light usage – While on vacation dimming or watching our consumption of utility usage is usually the last thing on our minds. Simple acts such as turning out the lights when leaving your room can have a great impact on the monthly utility readings.
  • Be mindful of AC usage – It’s surprising how reducing the air conditioning temperature by a degree or two lowers the consumption of energy. Sustainable hotels, Jamaica Inn included, train housekeeping staff to set the default standard temperatures before, during and after guest arrival and departures to avoid high energy consumption.
  • Ditch the straw – Jamaica Inn for the past two years have sourced biodegradable paper straws for usage on property to reduce the overall waste produced by plastic straws. We encourage travelers to make responsible choices while dining to curtail waste.
  • Don’t print your boarding pass – technology allows us to have convenient way and means to receive travel passes either via email or text. Try choosing this option the next time you travel.

We hope these tips help when traveling and making green decisions!

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