A New Highway for Easier Travel from Kingston to Ocho Rios!

March 6, 2016

Hello Friends,

We thought we would share the wonderful news that a brand new Highway is just complete and it will certainly help to cut the driving distance between Kingston and Ocho Rios and make it much shorter. The China Harbour Engineering Company has been working on this Highway for a few years and the final leg is just about complete which is the Moneague to Drax Hall section.

Highway Kingston and Ocho Rios

The highway from Kingston to Ocho Rios is complete! Not only will the driving distance be cut down, but the actual drive is beautiful and picturesque!

Tours and Attractions in Kingston

Needless to say, booking a flight now to Kingston will be just as easy a drive as that from Montego Bay. Also the possibilities of scheduling Tours in Kingston (e.g. Blue Mountain Coffee Tour, Cultural & Heritage Tours, etc.) will be easier and not take up an entire day due to the cut in driving distance time. ¬†Pictured below is the beautiful Devon House – one of Jamaica’s leading national monuments which is located in the heart of Kingston. There are many beautiful cafe’s and shops in the complex to peruse after wondering around.

Devon House Kingston

It will be much easier to now check out some of the beautiful Kingston Tours and Attractions, like Devon House, which is rich in history going back to the mid 17th Century!

Blue Moutains

The opportunities are open now to schedule lovely and unique Tours to Kingston, in this picture – the range of Blue Mountains, where you can book a bicycle and coffee tour.

Keep posted here as we will continue to update with our recommendations of where to go and what to do in Kingston.

For more information about the Highway or anything in the post above, please email Jeanine at pr@jamaicainn.com



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    Amazing photos! You inspired me to go there too.

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    Nice traveling planing :). keep sharing

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