A New Sauna at The Ocean Spa

January 26, 2016

We would to like to share the good news that we have recently added a new Sauna to our beautiful award winning Ocean Spa at The Inn!


This unique Sauna has just been added to our Ocean Spa, make sure you use it when next here!

The Jungle Experience

Why not book a wonderfully relaxing and unique jungle “treatment” in one of our outdoor tree-houses, use the Sauna after and then have a shower in one of our delightful outdoor showers? With lemongrass juice waiting for you as you approach or leaving the Sauna ready to re-hydrate!


Using a Sauna has many benefits including helping with weight loss, as well as aiding in strengthening the immune system.  It also helps to flush out toxins, and relieves stress! Not to mention the added health benefits of improving circulation, cleanses the skin and of course helps to relax those muscles, including the joints.


We hope to see you soon at The Ocean Spa and to enjoy our new Sauna!
pictures credit to Nigel Lord.


  1. may xong hoi

    This sauna is like a paradise. Wish I could come here and experience those. It would be great

    1. Jamaica Inn

      We’ll be happy to welcome you May!

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