A Re-Cap of Inner Peace in Paradise

October 2, 2015

We recently held our Second Annual Inner Peace in Paradise Yoga Retreat at The Inn, and with the yoga, excursions and food, the event was a great success!

Checking In

The Retreat’s Lead Yoga Instructor, Sarah Yukie Gingrich, was the first to arrive and made herself thoroughly at home in her beautiful villa. The other attendees soon arrived, ready for a wonderful pre-sunset yoga class to welcome them to Jamaica. The theme of the class was “Connecting to Space,” and yogis were treated to a gentle, grounding practice—a fabulous way to commence the Inner Peace week.

Chilling, Relaxing and Eating

The following day, breakfast was a lovely spread of healthy Caribbean fare as well as in-season, fresh fruit. After a yoga class led by Sarah and based on connecting to one’s roots, attendees relaxed and enjoyed the beach.


 Farmer’s Market Tour

After a few more yoga classes, everyone really started to get their “Inner Peace” groove on. For a holistic approach to wellness, the yogis headed to the local Farmer’s Market with Chef Maurice to purchase in-season ingredients. They sipped fresh coconut water, sampled various fruits and chatted with local farmers. After the tour, attendees returned to the hotel and were treated to a special cooking show à la Chef Maurice himself! Of course, tasting was encouraged and everyone enjoyed the fabulous Jamaican delights that Chef whipped up.
Farmers Market Collage

Konoko Falls

On the final day, the group visited the fabulous and recently renovated attraction, Konoko Falls in Ocho Rios. A must-see when you are here, the expansive property encompasses a beautiful waterfall. After a guided tour, yogis chilled with refreshing juices and sat down to a picnic-style Jamaican lunch of jerk chicken, festival and escovitch fish. Our General Manager Kyle even got in on the fun – holding a pet snake!


Jamaica Inn - Yoga RetreatAfter the retreat’s last relaxing yoga class, everyone got together at the lovely villa next door for dinner al fresco. Each yogi sent their personal wishes out to the universe as they released a glowing sky lantern to the star-lit sky.

We want to thank Sarah for hosting such a wonderful retreat and sharing her lovely photos with us. We hope to welcome her again soon for more Inner Peace In Paradise. In fact, our yogis enjoyed their time at The Inn so much that they are already talking about next year!

If you would like more information about our retreats, please send an email to Jeanine at pr@jamaicainn.com.
And, stay tuned for a special video on a turtle hatching expedition coming up!


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    This sounds like a great time at a yoga retreat. Healthy and organic food is really important for all yogis and I love that you had plenty of those available to all the guests. Konoko Falls looks magical and so much fun! It is awesome that you have included daily excursions and trips as a part of the entire experience. Plus, I love the idea with the lanterns for the farewell party. I bet the sky was lit up all the way 🙂

    1. Jamaica Inn

      Hi Ana B.
      We hope you will be able to join us for our Third Annual Inner Peace in Paradise Yoga Retreat later on this year in September, more details to come on our Blog!

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