Oh; the joy that a beautifully decorated Christmas tree brings!


Over the years, Christmas decorations have evolved from fruits and vegetables, to gingerbread or handmade items and this year, our handpicked Christmas tree from the Blue Mountains, is beautifully dressed with locally made decorations and ornaments. Hand-crafted using sustainable and locally sourced materials, we celebrate and support our Jamaican artisans this holiday season.


It is said, a Christmas tree brings cheerfulness, positivity, and togetherness. The decorations and lights capture your attention, pull on your heartstrings, and enchant the soul with a distinctly magical aura. The fresh pine fragrance, feeling the brisk Jamaican Christmas breeze, sipping on a Sorreltini and hearing the wonderful melody of songs filling the air, even Shadow feels the joy of the Christmas atmosphere.


At Jamaica Inn, we look forward to celebrating sustainably this Christmas season as we highlight our wonderful Jamaican artisans and be part of the change by throwing nothing away; this tree will be a living bird feeder, used as mulch, firewood and used to feed the garden.


Join us, as we celebrate the end of another magical year!


The Inn’s Christmas Tree

Oh, Christmas tree Oh, Christmas tree, you look so splendid with all your sustainable décor!


Sweet, sharp, and refreshing! The sweet scent emanating from this Evergreen tree helps us relax and gives us a warm fuzzy feeling that we don’t experience year-round. The cool sea breeze swaying your heart to the rhythm of the pine tree. Cultivated in the Saint Thomas highlands near the Blue Mountains Peak.


A Jamaica Inn representative makes the journey each year to handpick the tree, which would find its place within our homey library.


The 2022 ornaments are handmade items from Beeny Bud, Copper & Thread, Yabba Pottery and Anthony Ziadi, all local Jamaican artisans who create beautifully designed crafts from aquatic and terrestrial waste to aid in a more sustainable Jamaica.

Beeny Bud

Was first established in 1972 in Gordon Town, Kingston, Jamaica. Beeny Bud partners with artisans and community groups around the island to produce beautiful handmade gifts. Their collection includes ornaments (Christmas decorations such as straw and upcycled hand carved angels, and crochet Christmas stockings), handbags, hats placemats and table accessories.

Copper and Thread

These crochet loofahs by Makeda Morrison were carefully designed with you in mind.  “Washable and reusable” in many ways, you can even make them apart of your 365 days.  Makeda also creates numerous designs from clothing lines to homeware.

Yabba Pottery  

Opal is a hobby potter who enjoys making decorative forms with function. Every day the wheel increases with passion.  Her creative mind combined with the spirit of Christmas allowed her to design the charming snowflakes, potted Christmas tree and bell ornaments that enhances the beauty and sustainability of our tree.

Anthony Zaide Designs

At last, to top it off, a mosaic Angel of wood, made with love.  Gracefully placed, by Richie, a honor one can only imagine.


The tree is also draped with handmade tortilla calico bows, and warm tree lights illuminate the atmosphere, creating a festive ambiance to celebrate another unforgettable year!

Reuse of tree

Be a part of the change, choose well and make it last by throwing nothing away; this tree will be a living bird feeder, mold-free mulch, firewood and used to feed the garden.


Happy holidays from your Jamaica Inn family!


P.S. Enjoy one of our team’s favorite Jamaican carol, “I Know where I’ll be for Christmas”, by Unique Vision.

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