Authentic Experiences – Food, History and Culture at Jamaica Inn

July 8, 2016


Travelling is not just an activity; it’s the art of broadening your vision

through the priceless experience.” (Chirisa, n.d.)

Jamaica Inn, a hidden gem in the Ocho Rios landscape is known for its historical buildings, exceptional staff, beautiful gardens and its extensive champagne colored private beach. At Jamaica Inn we endeavor to provide rich experiences that transcend the average vacation by facilitating unique experiences that are authentic to the destination.
We invite guests to experience the features that are distinct to Jamaica; steeped in rich tradition and culture. These features, indicative of the heart and soul of Jamaica’s rich heritage provide a portal transporting guests back in time to the days of the original Jamaican traditions. We believe these traditions should be cultivated and shared with our guests through unique unforgettable interactions that ultimately aid in the preservation of the traditions we hold dear. This distinctive sense of nostalgia stems from Jamaica Inn’s symphony of flora, scenery and history.

Garden Tours 

Jamaican food is a vital part of our culture known for its bold vibrant flavors, variety and unique taste. Come apart and experience the very best of local cuisine through enlightening culinary experiences. Many of the activities that we offer give guests the opportunity to experience vast culinary offerings that speaks to the locale. Guests can learn how to cook traditional Jamaican dishes with items they’ve collected at the local Jamaican farmers market. Jamaica Inn signature recipes and chef’s tips are featured in interactive on site cooking sessions with our Executive Chef Maurice Henry.
Spirit enthusiasts can learn all about our historic rum industry brewing techniques and world famous distillers from our knowledgeable bar team. We even have an immersive culinary journey around the property as guests tour our gardens and sample a variety of some twenty fruits cultivated on property. These are all components of our recently introduced “Essence of Jamaica” program at the Inn.
Taste of Jamaica

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Dish 

Each experience allows guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the elements that contribute to Jamaican culture through interactive experiences, sharing the colours, textures, tastes and cultural DNA that extraordinary Jamaican cuisine has to offer. We invite our guests to experience the essence of authentic Jamaica through the lens of food at Jamaica Inn.
Experience the following tours with us:

  • Rumology Drink Classes 
  • Spice and Fruit Garden Tours
  • Shop & Cook Tours 

“Experience the true Essence of Jamaica at Jamaica Inn”

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