Beautiful Scenes From The Inn!

April 19, 2016

Hello Friends,

We love to share our own pictures that we take with our camera, but every now and then we would like to post pictures from other wonderful Photographer guests who are in-house. Sharing a different perspective from time to time is unique and we love how our guests, like you – find beautiful angles and scenes!

Do feel free to send us your pictures when here and we will make sure to mention and give you a picture credit on Facebook or to be written up on the Blog.  These gorgeous pictures shared with you are courtesy of our repeat guest Mr. Francis Stewart (fondly known as Hamish) who has a wonderful eye and loves to take pictures of the natural beauty of The Inn.

The Beach and Sunset



Hamish has captured the magical colors of post sunset and our spectacular beach in the early evening hours..nothing is more magical!

Watersports & the beach during the day


Tony’s “fishing boat” returning to our beach after a lovely snorkeling excursion with guests, and one of our Sunfish sailing boats waiting to be taken out!


The various shades of blue are captured in this exquisite picture by Hamish.

The Hotel

pretty entrance

The lovely entrance to the hotel, with our Jamaica flag and Jamaica Inn flag flapping in the wind, and the beautiful green foliage…

Breakfast with a view

A beautiful shot of the Breakfast and Lunch Dining Room, with a spectacular view of the aqua blue water just ahead..

We would like to thank Hamish for always contributing such spectacular footage of The Inn…no matter what angle, he manages to get the lighting and all the shades of blue colors just perfectly!

Our next Photo Contest is all about “Shades of Blue” and commences May 1st until the end of August…for all you budding Photographers out there, stay tuned to the Blog here and also to Facebook!

[All photo credits above to Francis Stewart.]

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