Bringing Marine Life back to our Reefs

December 14, 2017


Hello friends of the Inn!
Objectives for The White River Fish Sanctuary are well under way for the new year and we’d like to inform you of few rules and guidelines that govern the protected marine space. The White River Fish Sanctuary covers 150 hectares along the coast from Hermosa Cove to Prospect, the sanctuary includes Jamaica Inn, its beaches and rocky headlands. The boundary at sea is marked by red and white buoys. The Sanctuary is a designated Special Fishery Conservation Area in Jamaica.
This means that everybody is more than welcome to swim, snorkel and dive to their heart’s content in this zone, but there are a few rules we respectfully ask the general public and our guests to observe:
* No fishing at sea
* No fishing from the shore or rocks
* No collecting shells, even if they are “empty”, and especially if they have an animal inside
* No stepping on or touching corals, which are living animals
* No collecting coral, even if it’s a piece that appears broken or dead
* Do please go snorkelling!
* Do take photos and send them to us!
* Be amazed! Our reefs off Jamaica Inn are worth protecting and restoring. The Jamaica Inn Foundation is a driving force behind the Sanctuary. Any donations are gratefully accepted to help us progress our vision.
For more information, contact Belinda Morrow at

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