Coral Reef Planting at Jamaica Inn

May 21, 2018


Jamaica Inn is not only blessed with a stunning 700 square foot beach, but beneath the glistening waters of the private enclove fronting the resort lies an underwater reef estimated to be thousands of years old. While this reef is only a fringing reef it is absolutely ideal for snorkeling and provides a great backdrop for guests to view marine life. The Jamaica Inn Foundation in tandem with the newly instituted White River Fish Sanctuary spearheads a number of initiatives including warden fish monitoring and coral transplanting that will aide to conserve this natural habitat and to provide further education and knowledge for our future generations.

We’re delighted to announce that after one year of coral planting we are able to see the fruits of our labour. The first batch of coral pieces from the 1,000 grown in our nurseries were cut and “planted” out. Or rather they have been “tied” to clean areas of substrate on the reefs to the west of Jamaica Inn, near the nurseries which were originally set up in June 2017.
How is Coral Planting done? 
The coral,  Staghorn (Acropora cervicornis) was attached to the substrate (rock that coral is attached to) and after a few month straight and branched pieces from 20-40 cm (8-15 inches) were cut, leaving the nursery nubs of staghorn to continue growing. The remaining pieces will be ready for cutting again in the next few months. The substrate is then cleaned with a brush whilst a piece of coral is tied (planted) firmly to the clean bedrock . After this process the corals grow and attach themselves to the rock. Checks are done on the coral weekly to ensure cuttings are still firmly attached as well as remove any algae growth and coral eating worms and snails.

White River Fish Sanctuary wardens who also act as divers and volunteers assist to planting the healthy coral and we hope that in a few weeks it will be growing into a healthy, beautiful coral garden for our guests to enjoy. This exciting, rewarding project has been made possible thanks to funding from the Special Climate Change Adaptation Fund (SCCAF) grant and passionate guests, to which we are very grateful.
Any donations are gratefully accepted to help us progress our vision. For more information, contact Belinda Morrow at Want donate? Check out our new GofundMe link here.

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