All about Croquet at Jamaica Inn

February 21, 2017

Hello friends of the Inn!
We thought we would share with you a brief history and some pointers about the beloved game of Croquet played here at the Inn. The origins of this fun game can be traced back to 1850’s when a game called “crooky” was introduced to England from Ireland where it had been played since the 1830’s. It is documented that the game was first played in England in 1851 and started as a leisurely game for stately ladies to pass the time. The game quickly spread in popularity and is still loved by many today.
Although Croquet may look complicated, it is an easy game to play and to understand. The game can be played by two or four players and the aim of the game is to hit your ball(s) through the course of six hoops in the right sequence in each direction and finish by hitting them against the center peg. The team or side to complete the series of shots first with both balls wins.
Jamaica Inn, has a beautiful Croquet lawn, carefully maintained by our landscaping team. The lawn is located next to the sea which provides the perfect backdrop for this easy going game. Croquet is both a staff and guest favorite here at the Inn with a number of guests even seen playing in the rain! Our on site Croquet expert/ Bartender extraordinaire Rupert (pictured bottom left in the photo above) enjoys teaching guests about the game and challenging some of the most experienced players to a friendly duel. Guests can be seen playing with staff in the cool afternoons while sipping on their drink of choice. The next time you visit the Inn be sure to play a game of croquet with Rupert, Georgia, David or anyone of our team members. It’ll be a game to remember!


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