Green Initiatives at the Inn

January 13, 2017
Jamaica Inn lies on a pristine crescent shaped beach in the town of Ocho Rios in Jamaica. Manicured gardens surround secluded antique-appointed suites and cottages, each with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea. Rainforest, rivers and waterfalls are situated nearby waiting to be explored.
Close to nature, the management team and staff have been involved in various projects and initiatives that protect the environment and delicate eco-systems. Two annual events The Sea Turtle Recovery Program and Earth Day bring staff and guests together in efforts that celebrate biodiversity at this beach paradise.
As a part of its CSR programs, Jamaica Inn facilitates both on and off site turtle hatching sessions to spread awareness about the endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtle that includes participation in the turtle hatching process. Sea turtles travel to Jamaica Inn’s beach and nearby Oracabessa beach to lay their eggs during late August to November each year. Guests can experience the miracle of watching and helping a nest of baby turtles (on average 100 turtles per nest) make their safe passage to sea.
photo 3
Scenes from our on site turtle hatching
Jamaica Inn works alongside Mel Tennant, the hotel’s turtle expert who has spent many years working on The Oracabessa Turtle Bay Project and Sanctuary. His work ensures there is a protected fish sanctuary off the waters of Jamaica Inn and that the survival of the rich ecosystem continues with the rehabilitation of coral reefs and the protection of marine life in general. It is also due to Mel’s ongoing passionate work with The Oracabessa Turtle Project that more than 100 nests and 16,000 recorded hatchlings per year can now be seen on the side of the island where Jamaica Inn is located.
Earth Day April 2016
Earth Day – Tree Planting 2016 
Another popular activity is International Earth Day Tree Planting. Jamaica Inn team members participate in tree planting activities on Earth Day. Managers, supervisors and other Jamaica Inn staff members enjoy lending a helping hand to create a cleaner healthier more sustainable environment. In a few years, staff as well as guests will be able to see the rewards of their labour with increased shade coverage that will foster animal and plant life habitats on the property. It is through the hotel team’s continued support of onsite green efforts such as this that sustainable goals can be realized.
Kyle Mais, General Manager at the most recent tree planting on Earth Day stated, “ Today we worked together to do more than just a green act, we joined forces on this small initiative to improve our way of life. Going green is no longer a trend but a methodology that should extend itself to the way we live and operate especially within the tourism industry. We must do everything we can to reduce our negative impact on the environment. Climate Change is real. Each and every one of us must play our part to help increase our sustainability. Monumental change begins with small steps to conserve and reduce our carbon footprint. ”
Solar Panel
Resource management is another priority for this island property. Solar panels were installed in both 2014 and 2015 to offset some of the hotel’s electricity requirements. In addition, an onsite compost heap produces fertilizer from food scraps, mulch and other organic matter for the property’s extensive lush gardens. Furthermore, to reduce waste and increase operational sustainability the hotel has recycle bins to separate plastics and cardboard items for recycling purposes.

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