Happy 1st Birthday to Shadow

March 31, 2015

Shadow on Boga Board
We cannot believe that Shadow, our hotel Black Labrador, turns one on April 5th.
Almost a year has flown by since the day Kyle picked her up and brought her to the hotel as a mere pup. Since then, Shadow has become a beloved pet not only to the staff at Jamaica Inn, but also to all our guests!

Shadow as a pup

Shadow relaxing in the garden

Shadow fit right into her surroundings when she was a puppy, as seen in this picture of her relaxing in the garden when she was just a few months old.
Shadow has learned a lot since her puppy days thanks to a fantastic trainer who pops in regularly to train her and to also give tips to the staff to help with her overall development. As a result, Shadow has become a well mannered and happy Lab and has added a wonderful component of happiness to the hotel.
She spends most of her time between the beach and the Administrative offices, as well as the Front Office. The hotel has become not only her home, but her playground, and that is quite obvious to all when she decides it is time for some quality swimming time!
Her nature is true to a Labrador’s personality, genteel, friendly, intelligent and very alert.
We have received many thoughtful gifts in the last year from guests and we do appreciate it. Shadow has used them all and now has a collection of toys for all of her beds, as well as her toy box in Kyle’s office. We also appreciate the way our guests have embraced Shadow and welcomed her to the family.

Photo Contest

It has been such a wonderful year with Shadow that we have taken it one step further and our next Photo Contest starting in April, will be all about your pictures of Shadow! Enter them into our contest on our Facebook page or email us. The top prize is a stay at Jamaica Inn, with other prizes including Jamaica Inn merchandise.

Shadow by Alicia Guest

Miss Shadow, relaxing – Picture courtesy Alicia

Happy 1st Birthday, Miss Shadow, and here is to another year of fun frolicking on the beach and happy times all around!

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