Hot Summer Days at the Inn

August 20, 2019

Jamaica’s hot summers are best loved by travellers from all over the world.
The country is a part of the tropical marine climate and as a result we are blessed to have warm temperatures and blue skies for most days of the year. This is a perk that we love to share with guests. The Jamaican summer spans from June to the end of September Average summer days are a warm 33 – 36 degrees Celcius.

The hottest summer months are July and August with an average temperatures of 88F/ 31C.

Our cooler days are usually span from December to February with cooler temperatures of 28-30 degrees Celcius. On the flip side the rainy season spans from October to November of each year.

Despite the short tropic rainy season. We are happy to boast that our weather remains constant for most months of the year.

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