Jamaica Forever

August 1, 2019

What is about Jamaica that grips so many people? More than just the cliche sun, sand and sea, we thought we’d highlight some of the reasons why families, couples, friends and singles return year after year.

The easy way to vacation in Jamaica is to plan a trip, go, return home and reminisce on your recent stay.  Many travelers experience it this way, however, we propose a better way, to fall in love with the island, its people, food and culture.

What is it about Jamaica?

Jamaica has a way of enticing and romancing even the most up tight persons showing them an alternate lifestyle. One filled with vibrant colours, flavorful meals and genuine interactions with people. We’d heard from multiple guests who believe that the sea and warm weather has a way of distressing the mind. We believe that being away from their common surroundings provides an alternative from the routine stresses of life.

Jamaica feels fresh and lively so it presents us with a vibrant escape from what we know back home. It removes common sense and replaces it with fantasy, and that fantasy feeling seems to be worth chasing at any cost, sometimes even if it’s at the cost of others.

For emotional addicts, Jamaica wins every time! In the lives of those who are dissatisfied with the daily grind, the island has a force stronger than gravity that can make even the most average person believe it is THE place to spend all your time and money, or start a fresh new life. And what I’ve come to learn after trying that fresh new life in Jamaica several times over the last fifteen years, is that even if I have failed time and time again, I’ve succeeded in learning monumental things about myself, which are far more valuable than living an idyllic beach life.

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