Jamaica: The Gem of the Caribbean

April 24, 2017
Hello friends of the Inn!
Have you ever wondered what makes Jamaica so different from other Caribbean countries? Why the people are always smiling and seem not to be in a hurry? Today we’ll cover some of Jamaica’s distinct features that distinguish this Caribbean gem from the rest.

Jamaica has always been known for its beautiful beaches, turquoise blue waters and vast green lands; features similar to other popular Caribbean islands. However if you look beyond our white sand beaches, lazy palms and delve into our culture its easy to see why guests continue to return to our shores year after year. Bright smiles, good company, warm hospitality, and scrumptious food are features that guests enjoy no matter where they decide to stay.
No one embraces people quite like Jamaicans do, you can feel the warmth in the smiles of the people and in bellowing afternoon breezes. This warmth and the Jamaican people are the elements that showcase the true spirit of our country. Our motto “Out of Many one People” gives an insight into the makeup of our culture, a rich eclectic mix of dance, music, religion and language. This unique blend is the heartbeat of who we are, steady as the the sweet melodies of reggae and sca, strong as the richness of our rum and as beautiful as the many birds and fauna that embellish our landscape.

Another feature that makes Jamaica unique is its location and unique geographical features. Jamaica is the largest English speaking nation in the Caribbean and is one of the islands that is completely surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. Jamaica is protected from harsh open sea water by the islands of the Lesser Antilles. As a result of this our waves are calmer than other Caribbean destinations. It is said that this is the reason that our people are calmer and more easy going too. In addition to this, the island’s topography protects its inhabitants from harsh weather. The Jamaican Blue Mountains dominate the Eastern part of the island serving as a protective shield against the onslaught of harsh winds, hurricanes and other tropical storms. Jamaica receives cool gentle eastern Trade Winds that grace our beaches, one of the key features that enhances the beach experience.
We invite you to come and experience the essence of the island. Come and see for yourself what makes Jamaica Inn a traveler’s paradise.



  1. Pauline Antil

    Is there a Key Largo in Jamaica??

    1. Jamaica Inn

      Not to my knowledge.

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