The Easter season is that time of year that celebrants start looking forward to at the very end of the current easter season. This holiday is widely celebrated globally with each culture having its own take on the season. In Jamaica, many churchgoers are excited to get all dolled up and head to church for several sessions and celebrations over the entire holy season. The excitement throughout is beach days, flying kites, and the most favorite part for many, the food!

At Jamaica Inn, we too are excited by the festivities of the season, and it warms our hearts to know that our guests can experience this too. So much so, that we ensure that they do with a few exciting additions over that exhilarating holiday.

To kick things off on the first public holiday, being Good Friday our guests will get a chance to try the season’s most popular treat-Bun and Cheese. The bun is a sweet pastry loaf that’s loaded with Jamaican fruits and spices that is perfectly paired with local cheeses, usually cheddar which creates the perfect balance of sweet and savory.

Although the Saturday is not a public holiday, it’s still in the mix leading up to Easter Sunday, we invite our guests to idle away the day on the beach as the weather during this period is ideal; sunny yet complemented by the expected Caribbean Sea winds that waft across your face as you shade under our palapas throughout the day.

On Easter Sunday, as with any other Sunday, we invite guests to wake up and head over to the Ocean Spa for an early morning yoga session at 8:00am. This sets the tone for a relaxing day on the property while guests unplug and enjoy our timeless elegance.

And finally, which is maybe the most exciting experience on Easter Monday, guests will engage with team members as they hoist their kites in the sunny blue skies. A local tradition that is a sure pull for many locals as you can see adults and kids sprawled on fields showcasing their kiting skills and competing to see which kite is best in class. Our champagne-colored beach is expected to be filled with kiters having a great day. Also, we will treat our guests again to tasty Bun and Cheese with Rum Punch because one day certainly will not do.

Easter fun in the sun!


Vacation in Ocho Rios at Jamaica Inn

At our intimate Jamaica luxury hotel, be pampered as you relax in a hammock and enjoy the refreshing breeze. Or, take a swim in the calm Caribbean Sea as you sip on a cool Planter’s Punch. There are only 55 Jamaica suites and cottages, adorned in crisp white and Wedgewood blue, set against a backdrop of green grass, vibrant flowers and glistening blue seas. Relax, unwind and embrace the simple joys of living.

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