Hello friends of the Inn,

Turtle season has begun and already we’ve seen the start to a very busy turtle season here at the Inn with six mamma turtles visiting our beach thus far.

This year in addition to our other turtle conservation efforts at the Inn we will now be introducing a turtle tagging system. Once turtles arrive on our beach, our highly trained team lead by Ovan Coombs our on property turtle whisperer, will  collect measurements and look at their overall health. A tag will then be attached to these turtles, although these tags are not Geo-tags and does not allow us to track their location once they return to the water. We will however be able to monitor how often throughout their lives they return and how many hatchlings each turtle will produce.

Our first hatching for the season is scheduled  to be in June on our main beach. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for a listing of tentative turtle hatching dates (subject to Mother Nature of course). We will also be sharing this experience  on our daily Facebook and Instagram live videos for our virtual visitors.

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