KiYara special: Chasing the Chill

January 17, 2013

Jamaica spa oceanfront massageDoes Winter and the flu season have you aching and fatigued to the bone? Do you need a dose of Caribbean warmth and some sunshine to boost your Vitamin D levels?
If so, then Kiyara Ocean Spa has just the cure for you with our Chasing the Chill package!

Chasing the Chill

First, enjoy a Eucalyptus Hot Stone Deep Tissue Massage to clear your head, relieve those aching muscles and remove the stress that your body holds at the deepest levels.
This is followed by a cup of our hot herbal cold remedy and your choice of:

  • A Noni Sinus Drainage Facial, or
  • A warming All-spice Hand & Foot Reflexology Tune up.

We move you to our Oceanfront Relaxation deck where the sound of the waves and a gentle sunbath continue to work nature’s magic, stimulating your immune system and helping to restore a balanced state of health.
Enjoy 2½ hours of pampering for only $250.
Does not include tax or service charge.


  1. Sandra Dawkins

    I will be arriving in Jamaica on the week of the 3/21/13 and I’m interested in a spa package on the beach on Sunday. Can u please email me your package prices and do you have any availability for that week.
    Sandra Dawkins

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