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January 18, 2013

Guests aren’t the only ones who can’t get enough of Jamaica Inn. We are proud to have some of the most dedicated staff a hotel could ask for.
We have 13 staff members who have been with our Jamaica Inn family for more than 30 years each – Teddy has been here 54 years, in fact!
The hard work of all of our staff has helped Jamaica Inn be named among the Top 25 Hotels for Service in TripAdvisor’s 2013 Travelers’ Choice awards.
Can you remember your Jamaica Inn anniversary? If you can, leave a comment below to share it with everyone!

Jamaica Inn staff anniversaries

Below are some of our long standing staff and their anniversaries with Jamaica Inn.





Teddy Tucker Bar Dec 20, 1958 54
Phyllis Nicholson Laundry Feb 15, 1970 42
Donald Williamson Dining Room Nov 28, 1971 41
Nora Davis-Grandison Housekeeping Feb 24, 1972 40
Earle Edward Dining Room Nov 21, 1974 38
Majorie Lindo Laundry Sep 9, 1977 35
Rupert Davis Bar Mar 16, 1979 33
Barbara Marsh Housekeeping Oct 13, 1979 33
Desmond Purrier Dining Room Feb 10, 1980 32
Lileth Thompson Housekeeping Oct 2, 1980 32
Ronald Gray Dining Room Oct 10, 1982 30
Derrick Walker Bar Oct 20, 1982 30
Hugh Green Fronk Desk Nov 5, 1982 30
Alvin Dixon Dining Room Oct 17, 1984 28
Gooden Icolyn Housekeeping Oct 24, 1984 28


  1. Frank & Barbara D.

    Our first visit to Jamaica was in 1979. Unfortunately, we did not discover Jamaica Inn until 1991, but since then we have stayed nowhere else in the Carribean. I can personally attach names to 8 of the 12 faces in the photo above, largely because of a kindness or a courtesy each of these caring people has paid us during our various stays at The Inn. Obvious by omission is Siebert. I hope all is well with him. We’ll see you in December.

  2. Elaine Chambers

    Myself and my son had a wonderful stay at Jamaica Inn 2 years ago and we are hoping we will be able to come back and enjoy your hospitality and beautiful beach. The entire staff treated us well – we felt at home. Thanks for a memorable stay.

  3. Courtney and Pat

    We are really newbies when we consider the other guest who have returned to the beautiful Jamaica Inn so many times. We have only returned 3 times but feel so welcome and at home. It is such a pleasure of feeling welcome and well cared for. The chef and kitchen staff went above and beyond to cater to my wife’s dietary needs and it was sooo good

  4. John and Debbie Taylor

    The truest test of warmth, hospitality, and familial service is how one feels after just one stay at Jamaica Inn. It was love at first stay for us and when we think of Jamaica Inn we immediately remember the endearing staff. We smile remembering Bob Marley’s sweet lyrics, “Is this love, is this love? and we answer yes! because when we return “home” we are–as the song goes, “loved and treated right!” Our happiest and sincerest congratulations to all of you who have served faithfully for 30 years and a very special hip-hip hooray! to Teddy. We are deeply grateful for all the ways you have taken care of us at our “home away from home” and for becoming our friends. Looking forward to seeing all of you in a few days.

  5. Cynthia and David Hill

    Congratulations everyone…..all of you make up the family we love to come home to!Having been in the travel industry for over 30 years,I’ve seen hundreds of hotels world-wide ~ our hands down favorite is still Jamaica Inn.
    Dear friends, bless you for your loyality and friendship.
    Teddy, don’t even think about retiring!

  6. Jack Rehner & Chris Lannon

    17 visits and counting. I had to chuckle about Alvin being in the Housekeeping Department. But he is such a talented fellow I’m sure he could do it! He has been so nice to us since our first visit when he made up a special batch of ginger tea for one of us who was a bit under the weather. Just one of countless little things that endear the Inn to us. And happy to see that Icolyn was added to the list, she always takes such good care of us. We consider everyone in the photo (plus a whole lot of others) to be our very dear friends. I have always said it is the staff that makes the Jamaica Inn so special. Everybody who has ever been there knows this. We’re very happy to see them get some recognition.

  7. Bruce & Delia Baggan

    While I did not realize that Alvin was part of housekeeping, the photo and the dates of employment make one realize why the Jamaica Inn is the Jamaica Inn. The staff is the superb. As I define a professional; they make doing what they do look easy. We feel like we are among family and can’t wait to see everyone in a week.

  8. Sheila and Steven Landsberg

    Congratulations everyone. It was certainly a pleasure to have stayed at the Jamaica Inn since the very early 1980’s and to have met each and every one of you. Your warm and gracious service and loyalty to the Jamaica Inn are at the heart of why Steve and I (and now our daughter, Sarah, and her significant other) love coming home to our very favorite place in the Caribbean. And, of course, not to mention Mary (you are the coolest) and Peter (Steve and I love our conversations with you).
    We hope we can see you all very soon.

  9. Jim and Amy Kessler

    Congratulations to everybody. We wish we could be with you right now
    but hopefully we will see you soon.
    Teddy, please keep the Ting cold for us.

  10. Steve Nicholson

    Teddy, congratulations. Its a fantastic achievement! We are looking forward to seeing you and the rest of the team soon.

  11. Clive Robinson

    Well done Teddy on completing your probation !!!

  12. Jeff and Arlene Flicker

    CONGRATULATIONS to the best Bar Tender in the Caribbean!
    We love everyone at the Jamaica Inn.
    We love you especially, Teddy!

  13. John and Tammy Newbern

    Yes, we remember our first of PROBABLY SOME 50 VISITS TO JAMAICA INN WELL…it was back in the summer of 1975! In fact, it was on the beach, at night, listening to the waves roll in, that I ASKED TAMMY TO MARRY ME! We’ve had many wonderful stays, even with our children (3 of them)…and they, as grown-ups…have also returned many times.

  14. Matthew Hogarth

    Congrats to all the wonderful staff at Jamaica Inn!

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