What makes Jamaica Inn so special? Ask Carter…

July 17, 2017

Carter also known as “Phleer” has been with the Jamaica Inn family for the past 14 years. He was first employed in the Food and Beverage Department as a waiter in 2003. The avid singjay is known for his infectious smile and describes himself as determined, ambitious, unique, jovial and honest. We were able to catch up with Carter this past week to find out more about him and to get his take on why he thinks Jamaica Inn is one of a kind.
What makes JI so special to you? 
I love the fact that Jamaica Inn is real! Authentic! This place feels like home for me. You can tell its 100% Jamaican because of the service, the nature, the good food, the staff, everything. It’s a pleasure to see that guests feel so at home here.
What is your favorite place at the Inn? 
Definitely the croquet lawn. I love to play! I’m pretty good at the game. I enjoy a challenging match with guests.
What has been your most memorable moment at the Inn? 
I had the opportunity to serve hosts from the Travel Channel. It was my first time being a part of a video shoot and I was very excited.
What experiences do you like to share with guests? 
I genuinely enjoy making guests happy. I sometimes sing for them or play croquet on the lawns.
What dish/drink do you recommend the most to guests?
The Jamaica Sublime (Jamaican jerk chicken and pork served with bammy and plantain) or a nice cool Teddy’s Planters Punch


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