Meet “The Turtle Man”

November 4, 2013

Mel Tennant, our local turtle expert, is known by many across Jamaica as “The Turtle Man.” Here at Jamaica Inn, we are particularly grateful for Mel, as we rely on his expertise and efforts with sea turtle activity on our beach.
Mel’s interest in turtle conservation began when the tiny creatures showed up on his property. In 2004, Mel realized the magnitude of the problems surrounding the endangered species and decided to take further action.
Mel Tennant, The Turtle Expert at Jamaica InnMel has made significant strides in educating people on sea turtles, taking action to protect the species and raise population levels through the Oracabessa Bay Turtle Project, an organization he founded in 2005. In 2012, more than 16,000 hatchlings were released from their nests with the help of the project.
Thanks to Mel, we have experienced amazing turtle activity on our beach. Whether you witness a nesting or hatching, both are a miraculous sight you will not want to miss. Visit with us during turtle season and meet the man behind the magic, “The Turtle Man” in person.


  1. Jason Waldron

    I know Mel from back here in the UK
    Just want to know he’s well and ok
    Say hi for me
    Jason from the storage Oldbury

    1. Jamaica Inn

      Will do Jason.

  2. Simone

    I will be visiting with my 2 kids and would love to meet Mr Tennant. We love the wonderful work he and his team are doing to ensure the safety of Sea Turtles.

    1. Jamaica Inn

      Hello Simone, we’ll be happy to arrange once Mel is available.

  3. Tannia miles

    Hi, we visit Jamaica in November, would be a dream to have any type of turtle experience, is there a tour with Mel, or how can we get to meet him? Thanks for any help x

    1. Jamaica Inn

      Hello Tannia, turtle hatchings on property are usually announced via note cards to in room guests and on our turtle watch board a day or two before the hatching experience. A week before arrival feel free to email or to verify any tentative hatchings for the upcoming week. We can only speculate the accurate hatching days as it truly is up to mother nature:). Looking forward to seeing you soon. Kindly call us at 876 9742514 or email to book direct.

      1. Tannia miles

        Great, thank you x

        1. Jamaica Inn

          Thanks Tannia

  4. Marion Briscoe

    we will be visiting Jamaica end of april and would like to meet Mel, the turtle man
    can u tell us how.
    When is turtle season?

    1. Jamaica Inn

      Hello Marion,
      We can of course plan for you to meet Mel when you are here, we may not have a turtle release at that time, but he would love to meet our guests!

  5. sandra sullivan

    Hi, would like to come down and help to release turtles back into the ocean. When is the turtle season? What is the procedure for this project? Thanks, Sandy

  6. Mer

    Mel, I just saw you on ABC!
    I was watching the Bachelor and I saw you and this awesome baby turtle activity and thought it was so cool! Why did you clean off the baby turtles before releasing them into the ocean?
    I hope to be able to visit Jamaica and you one day in the future!

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