Dinner here at Jamaica Inn is a complete gastronomic experience. Captivating tastes, aromas, and sights are complemented by the soft sounds of authentic Jamaican music and popular international songs that are “reggae-nized” to show off the diversity of the Inner Groove Inn house band. Guests from across the world have enjoyed their selections for more than 20 years.


Almost like magic, different leads effortlessly captivate you with their melodies during intimate conversations with your loved ones. Or, you can get groovy! Let the music lead your feet to the dance floor for an experience that leaves you refreshed and cheerful.

Inside Inner Groove

The talents you hear each night are born and bred Jamaican musicians.

The Maestro

Dalton Hickling is the owner, lead singer, and bass player of the band. He’s been a professional musician for over 40 years, performing in opening acts for the likes of Ray Charles and others. Dalton says the warmth of the guests has kept him playing here at Jamaica Inn, sharing that it’s unlike any other environment. He said, “I’ve played at so many different hotels throughout my lifetime, and even on the road. Nothing compares to the feedback you get when performing for Jamaica Inn guests.”

The Band

Merrick Dyer, another stalwart of Inner Groove has been the lead singer here on the weekends for about ten years. He’s worked with reggae stars such as Kultcha and Gregory Isaacs. A true favorite among many guests, his voice and vibe will never fail to enamor and engage you. We’re the home of legends, so understandably his favorite memory here is meeting Harry Belafonte one night while covering some of the legend’s hits.


Our drummer Jeffery Bailey has played for notable reggae acts like Chaka Demus and Sanchez during his 16-year music career. Keyboardist Kadian Russell has been with the band for 9 years, and says he loves playing music that our guests enjoy, which helps him diversify his musical offerings.


Daniel Evans, the guitarist, is quite versatile—also able to play the drums and keyboard. Following his dad’s musical footsteps, the sound engineer, Johnai Hickling guarantees that we have the best experience of the quality sound that is Inner Groove.

The Songbird

Chai, affectionately called The Songbird, is a new guest performer with the band who joins us on Thursday nights. Though she was born autistic, and a childhood accident has rendered her permanently blind, Chai is energetic, diligent, and quite the charmer. Her secret she says, is that, “As a visually impaired performer I don’t pull my crowd, I let them push me.”

One Voice, One Groove

The Inner Groove members all note that chemistry and humility have kept them growing together. Over the years the band has evolved, with a few members blossoming into other aspects of their careers, making way for fresh talent to join the family.

Get ‘Inn’ the Inner Groove!

At 7pm every evening, fine dining meets fine music under the stars at the Terrace. On Tuesday nights, stroll down to the beach for dinner, then dance the night away under the stars with the Inner Groove band, backed by the melodious waves of the Caribbean Sea.


  1. Nigel Ritchie

    As a regular guest here, for many years, I have enjoyed the superb musical expertise of Inner Groove, whose versatile repertoire keeps their audience entertained before, whilst and after enjoying their meals. I have to say that the hotel is extremely fortunate to have them as their resident band!

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