New Mindfulness Retreat in partnership with Lena Franklin

August 7, 2019

This year, Jamaica Inn is excited to announce a new mindfulness initiative in collaboration with Mindful Psychotherapist and International Spiritual Teacher, Lena Franklin. To coincide with World Mental Health Day on the 10 October 2019, Jamaica Inn will host a mindfulness retreat between the 10 – 13 October 2019.

Jamaica Inn recognizes that busyness is a modern-day epidemic triggering a multitude of different stresses and anxieties for people across the globe. Lena Franklin’s four-day retreat will provide guests with the opportunity to switch off, tune out and pause everyday life in exchange for peaceful days filled with sea, sun, sand and, of course, mindfulness meditation with Lena herself.

Instructor Bio

Currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Lena Franklin has an undergraduate degree in Psychology. Her day-to-day job includes providing individual meditation and mindfulness classes, group mindfulness corporate trainings and personal growth workshops. Additionally, Lena is the Head of Mindfulness for Welzen, a mindfulness meditation app featuring practices and programmes to enhance happiness and health. Lena’s work is based on the philosophy that everyone possesses a ‘mindful healer’ which is found within the body and acts as an innate power for calm, compassionate and meaningful living beyond the harmful constrictions of stress and anxiety.

Retreat Details

During the retreat, guests of Jamaica Inn will learn of the ancient Eastern practices that can be easily implemented into daily life to improve both health and happiness. In between daily meditation and mindfulness classes, guests also have the option to experience locally-inspired spa treatments at the resort’s Ocean Spa, a sensory awaking hike amongst Jamaica’s lush vegetation as well as a mindful eating class followed by a cooking demonstration.

Appropriately coinciding with World Mental Health Day, Jamaica Inn’s mindfulness retreat will help guests heal their body and mind from the stresses of daily life and encourage them to implement techniques learnt from Lena’s classes (such as body posture, breath work and restorative yin yoga) into their everyday life. Jamaica Inn is the perfect paradisiacal backdrop for such an important retreat. The hotel has long championed the digital detox trend by choosing to negate modern technology amenities such as televisions and radios, instead, Jamaica Inn encourages their guests to marvel in the peacefulness of the resort and relish in the sun, sea and sand.


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    This sounds amazing and I am planning to travel to Jamaica in that time. Me and my wife will definitely participate if we can!

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