New Salt Water Sea Bath at Jamaica Inn

May 10, 2018


Jamaica Inn’s award winning Ocean Spa has added an earth friendly salt water sea bath to their treatment offerings! Guests will now be able to prepare for existing treatments by soaking and enjoying panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea.

What are the benefits of sea water you ask? Sea water has been shown to promote healing from the inside out. Swimming in sea water can improve circulation, soothe irritated skin, reduce inflammation of joints and muscles and even increase immune system function.

If you need more than just a dip in a pool to revive your body and mind, schedule a relaxing spa treatment with us today. Other signature spa treatments include Back to Basics massages, replenishing fruit body scrubs that use local ingredients to cleanse and exfoliate, hydrating facials and more.

Call the Ocean Spa directly at (844) 286-2204 or email us at to book your appointment today.


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