The Electric Vehicle (EV) revolution is here, and Jamaica Inn is undoubtedly a part of this international transformation as the first resort in Jamaica to house EV charging stations.

The emergence of the electric vehicle industry has allowed Jamaica and by extension, Jamaicans to be more mindful of the harmful effects that some daily practices have on the environment. The most noticeable of course is the reliance on our very prevalent gas-guzzling vehicles that are major contributors to environmental pollutants.

Currently, there is an anticipated increase in the number of electric vehicles coming to the island. The Inn recognizes this and charged full speed ahead with this initiative of having electric charging stations installed on the property. This move aligns perfectly with the resort’s goal of being carbon neutral by 2025.

The housing of these easy-access stations is the resort’s contribution to national e-mobility. EV owners are no strangers to range anxiety, which is the worry of the EV driver that their vehicle will power down before getting to their destination or getting to a charging port. Travelers are able to power up while traveling cross country, at this ideal Ocho Rios location, and while they charge, they are able to enjoy the delights of the Jamaica Inn restaurant, Teddy’s Beach Bar and even the newest addition, Teddy’s BBQ Beach Grill. The addition of the two (2) new charging ports at the resort assists in easing this anxiety, which will, in turn, build local confidence in the decision to purchase these types of vehicles.

The move to have these charge ports on property will not only benefit EV owners as they journey along the streets of Jamaica, but also the Jamaica Inn as the resort is guided by the 2025 BEHAG of becoming carbon neutral. Electric vehicles will be acquired for use as a part of the location for operational duties. Also, our guests who visit the island will have the option of renting EVs as they venture off property and will have seamless charging before or after their Jamaican adventure.

The official commissioning launch of the Level 2 Charging Stations was held on Thursday, February 25, 2022, on the grounds of the Jamaica Inn in collaboration with EVPower Jamaica Limited. EVPower, is the largest provider of the most sophisticated network of electric vehicle charging stations in Jamaica. The Jamaica Inn proudly partnered with EVPower as it was identified from earlier years, that both companies have a shared goal of national sustainable development through the transformation of cleaner fuel emissions.

The launch showcased vehicles from leading automotive dealers that are paving the way in the importation of these electric vehicles. Stewarts Automotive and ATL Automotive Group had their array of sleek modern and sophisticated electric cars on display, such as the Porsche, Jaguar I-Pace, BYD and the Mini Countryman just to name a few.

Jamaica Inn understands how critical it is to protect our natural environment and as such incorporated several Green Initiatives in its daily operations. This drive transcended to the creation of the Jamaica Inn Foundation which is a non-profit organization with a mandate to provide support to local communities, and functions as a facilitator of education and well-being of the community’s youth to aid with the Inn’s efforts to preserve the surrounding environment.

Jamaica Inn is proud to make its contribution towards a greener future for Jamaica and we look forward to welcoming those with electric vehicles through our gates.

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