Its Official! Patrols at the White River Fish Sanctuary

November 17, 2017

It was a momentous day on November 1, 2017, Kyle Mais (GM), Belinda Morrow (JI Foundation Board member) joined wardens and other fishermen to sign documents commencing patrols by wardens of the White River Fish Sanctuary along the Ocho Rios coastline. Local fishermen from the White River Fisherman’s Association (WRFA) have been hired as wardens, those present on signing day included: Noel Francis (aka Cook) and Raymond Taylor (aka Ray Water Bird), with Delroy Earle (aka Dudu) and Elvis Bailey (aka Buddy) on night shift. Each fisherman will be accompanied by an experienced warden from Oracabessa Bay Fish Sanctuary.
The WRFA is in an equal partnership with the White River Marine Association (stakeholders and funders) in operating the White River Fish Sanctuary.
Keep posted for further JI Foundation partnerships and initiatives for the upcoming year!


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