Oracabessa Volleyball Team Update

May 22, 2017

Hello friends of the Inn!

Jamaica Inn Foundation has been supporting the local boys and girls volleyball teams for the past year and we’re pleased to share a recent update on their most recent wins.
The ISSA All Island Senior Championships started late February and the Oracabessa High boys under 19 Team went in pursuit  of the coveted  all island championship and finished second in the central zone. On April 18th the national playoff was held at the GC Foster college where they met Camperdown High in the first semi finals where the team outpaced them 3 sets to 1.
The Oracabessa team met the St Catherine Power House in the finals and a scintillating battle ensued. St Catherine took the first set and we responded by taking the 2nd and 3rd set we kept pushing and took the fourth set. The team managed to place second in the island and won a sectional prize.
The national under 15 male volleyball team started there run for the title on the 15 may. 8 teams where in contention, however Frome, Oracabessa, Moldon, and Wolmers boys made it to the play off stage. The Oracabessa Team quickly Dispatched Frome and then defeated Wolmers in the finals to lift the national under 15 championship.
The sectional prizes are as follows:
Marzon Morgan: best setter
Rohan Nelson: best attacker and MVP
Leonardo Saunders: best blocker
Sheldon Clarke: best passer
Congrats to the team! Jamaica Inn Foundation wishes them all the best for the 2017 season!

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