Our latest Green Initiative: Baler Recycle Machine

August 4, 2018


We are delighted to share with you that we have acquired a new baler machine as a part of our existing recycle program.  The baler machine was sourced to press together waste materials, which can then are tied together to create  bales that can be picked up for recycle usage.  Baler machines are primarily used to deal with waste cardboard and soft plastic but they are also flexible enough to bale more bespoke materials such as carpet, cans and hard plastic. Some of the benefits of the baler include:
– Reduce trash volume by up to 90 percent
– Create revenue through bale pick up
– Cleaner work environment
– Compacting and baling reduces the risk of fire, falls and theft
Jamaica Inn is a full supporter of this and other green initiatives that foster environmental sustainability.


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