Our very own Turtle Whisperer: Ovan Coombs

September 3, 2018

Ovan Coombs – Watersports Manager and resident “Turtle Whisperer”

Our turtles are greatly loved by both the staff and guests here at the Inn. Mr Coombs, our Watersports manager has taken his great interest in turtles to higher heights by personally maintaining on site nests and educating our guests about Hawksbill turtle hatchings. After assisting Mel Tennant for many weeks with the nesting and hatchings both on our beach and the nearby Gibraltar beach, Mr Coombs has solely taken on the role of our on site turtle whisperer.
Mr Coombs facilitates the turtle hatching process by locating and tracking the nests, mama turtles and hatchlings. He monitors our nests and informs the staff and guests re our turtle notice board of upcoming nests and hatching dates on our main beach, bungalow beach and nearby Gibraltor beach. When asked why he loves the turtles so much his simple response was “It’s all about saving the turtles and it starts with you and me, we all have a role to play. When Mel asked me to take on the responsibility of helping turtles on our beach, my response was Absolutely!”
Another one of Mr Coombs responsibilities is to host our Glass Bottom boat rides on Monday with an informative marine conservation talk and has been informing guests of our new GoFundMe account to raise funds for the White River Fish sanctuary.
We are grateful to have such a passionate member of staff spreading awareness and we invite all our guests to come and experience this unforgettable natural phenomenon! Call 1 800 837 4608 or email reservations@jamaicainn.com for further details.

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