Our visit to Stush in the Bush

November 13, 2019

Hello Friends of the Inn!

We recently visited Stush in the Bush and we are still raving about this tour. So, here is our review of yet another place to visit when in Jamaica if you can pull yourself away from our magnificent beach.

If you are a nature lover seeking an authentic Jamaican experience, then this tour would be perfect for you. Located within the beautiful hills of Freehill, St. Ann you find a hidden gem. Owned and operated by Lisa and Christopher Binns. This elegant yet rustic restaurant is more than great food and views; it’s a true success story in organic production and sustainable tourism, and it’s a love story.

The welcome

When we first met Chris, he escorted us to the highest point in Freehill, which showcased St. Ann’s coastline, with an expansive few from Richmond Estates to the town of Ocho Rios. From the highest point he was able to point us to the birthplace of one of Jamaica’s national hero Marcus Garvey while also showing us the reef which Christopher Columbus had purportedly crashed his shipped when he first arrived in Jamaica 1494. Following this exhibition, we were then escorted to their home.


Their 15-acre organic farm is called Zionites. Arriving at Stush in the Bush you are greeted by large dogs which are from the Norwegian Mastiffs’ family, these large but good-natured dogs are all a part of the experience as they ventured with us throughout Chris’ farm. Stush offers its guests a true farm to table experience, all non-GMO produced. You are greeted with refreshing sorrel drinks alongside ginger beer all brewed from the produce of the land. 

At Stush you can view the wide array of plant life located on their property, ranging from fruit trees to vegetables which Chris jokingly stated were decades older than him. Even more special is the opportunity to see a small variety of cannabis plants.  This however was just the icing of our cake as after our trek through Chris’s farm, Lisa awaited us with her treats.

Five Star Dining

Lisa in true five-star dining unleashed mouth-watering six course meals, all vegan. As a meat lover, I have to say I did not even notice it was missing! There was no ladylike nibbling going on; it was just too good. 

The visit to Stush in the Bush came inclusive of the tour, full meal and choice of freshly made juices and tonics. Chris will take you on a tour of the farm, where you can hand pick your lettuce or arugula for your salad and sip coconut water and jelly from a freshly opened coconut.

Lisa & Christopher Binns owners of Stush in the Bush



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