Picnic at Noel Coward's Firefly

March 13, 2017
Hello friends of the Inn!
We wanted to highlight another one of our great activities guests can do while in Ocho Rios. The Picnic at Noel Coward’s Firefly is a romantic outing option that is sure to please. It’s the perfect culmination of history, breathtaking views and a delectable lunch meal.


Guests have the opportunity to go up into the Hills of St. Mary to see the house the Noel Coward would welcome celebrity guests such as Liz Taylor. Before you get there, you will pass though Jamaican communities and see a bit of the countryside.
The house has been preserved with everything just the way he left it, down to the record on the turntable. The view from Firefly is one of the best on the island. Ask us to pack a picnic basket and a bottle of wine for you to make your trip to Firefly to even more special.


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