Everyone loves a hot, cheesy pizza fresh out of the oven. Now, at Jamaica Inn, you can enjoy a fresh wood-fired pizza at our all-new Teddy’s Beach Grill.

Recently opened adjacent to Teddy’s Beach Bar, the Grill has received rave reviews from guests and staff alike with it’s casual yet exquisite menu of pizzas, grilled foods, and more.

You know that quality is of utmost importance here at the Inn, so we needed to make sure that our wood-fired pizzas were as authentic as they could be, while still providing that Caribbean flair for which we are known. To this end, Chef Maurice received hands-on training. After much appetite-satisfying taste testing by the Jamaica Inn team, we were confident the Wood Fyah Pizza Oven was ready to launch.

There are four signature pizza recipes we have debuted to our guests, and all are so delicious, we look to you for your vote to name the guest favorite recipe!


  1. Michael Klein

    Peppa special is phenomenal!! Had twice during my trip, and can’t wait to have it again!

  2. Nigel Ritchie

    Looking forward to sampling this new facility! Sure it’s going to be great – will be with you in November, and just booked for next March too – can’t wait for the “Welcome home” 🙂

  3. Nancy Adams

    Can’t wait to try pizza on the beach!

  4. Steve McDaniel

    Margarita is also excellent

  5. David Sculati

    I would like to see something more traditional like Pepperoni, Green Pepper and Onion or Mushrooms.

  6. Kimberly E Gottfried

    Peppa Special

  7. Michelle Phillips

    Four Seasons and Veggie.
    It would be nice to offer a cauliflower crust pizza 🍕- it’s delish and good for those who are gluten free.

  8. Ros Innes

    Jerk chicken and pineapple is the best pizza ever according to all the Innes and especially Sam. We can’t wot to get back next year to eat it again.

  9. Audrey

    Absolutely the best pizza.

  10. Beth

    The Veggie looks delicious! I can’t wait to come “back home” again! It’s been too long…

  11. Marsha James

    I love spicy food and this sounds nice and fiery! This is truly Jamaican

  12. Una Reid


  13. Debra Navratil

    Margarita is a typical favorite. However, not having tried any at Jamaica Inn, I may be inclined to vote for the Peppa Special or the Veggie! I will post an update after our upcoming visit in June 2022.

  14. Susan Monahan

    The veggie pizza looks really good!

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