Our annual Swim for the Sanctuary held on Saturday, November 5, 2022, at Shaw Park Beach was an absolute success! Despite a few days of liquid sunshine before the day, everything lined up for a spectacular one-day event. This initiative engages our local community and, by extension the country, in efforts to positively influence climate change.


There was a wave of support from locals and foreigners, including a couple of our Jamaica Inn guests who were thrilled to participate. Notably, a number of national and CARICOM swimmers turned out to flex their skills and support the cause.


The Jamaica Inn Foundation is known for its creativity and innovation; setting trends when it comes to unique events and activities. This year, we hosted the first ever paddleboarding competition in Jamaica which saw twenty participants.

Paddleboarders lining up for an exciting race

Ready, Set, Swim!

The day began at 5 am, with sponsors and volunteers preparing the venue for a prompt 7:30 am start. The sky unfolded a pure, calming blue, mirrored graciously by the picturesque waves of the coast. Fittingly, the enthusiasm of the swimmers was a great complement to the elegance of the morning’s weather.


On entry, swimmers received branded swim caps and swags bags courtesy of our sponsors.


Overflowing with excitement, the participants wasted no time diving into the action of the 5k and 3k races. They completed ten and six laps respectively, around a 500m triangular perimeter within the White River Fish Sanctuary. Swimmers of all ages poured out to test their stamina.


The 2k, 1k and 500m races followed in that order, with male and female races occurring simultaneously.

Zaneta Alveranga gracing the shore after winning the women’s 5k race in 1:30:51.

The Swim is in Full Swing

By 9am, the venue was abuzz. On shore, our partners kept patrons refreshed and hydrated with complimentary water and drinks as well as spot prizes. The spirit of competition remained alive outside the water, as supporters vied to answer trivia questions.


The relays closed the day, but not before we could revel in the excitement of the highly anticipated 500m paddleboarding race. This was quite the spectacle!


Supporters laughed in amusement at the efforts of rookie paddleboarders and marveled in the mastery of the more experienced competitors. Commendably, through much trial and error, each paddleboarder eventually crossed the finish line.


Icah Wilmot of Jamnesia Surf Club had an impressively strong race, paddling away with the first-place title, in 4 minutes and 52 seconds.


View the full list of results.

Icah Wilmot on his final stroke to victory in the Paddleboard race.

What’s Next?

The Foundation plans to expand the reach of the meet to attract more international patronage. The Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) and the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) remain committed to this vision; thus, plans are already underway to make next year’s swim an even bigger success.


The Jamaica Inn Foundation and the White River Fish Sanctuary thank all our sponsors and supporters for helping to promote environmental preservation through community engagement. We’re excited to see you at our next Swim on Saturday, November 11, 2023.

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