The A.R.T of Relaxation

May 15, 2017


Hello friends of the Inn!
Trying to decide the best location for your next vacation? Well, look no further, Jamaica Inn is the right place for you. For most persons, a luxury hotel stay is indicative an idealic getaway, a variation from everyday routine – relaxation, indulgence and fun memories to savour when it’s time to head home.
True relaxation occurs when the mind disengages from the norm and begins to unwind amidst the surrounding elements. The atmosphere lends itself relieving the everyday tension of life and work stresses by providing at environment that is filled with warm smiles, attentive gestures that show genuine care and service that exceeds expectations. Guests have the extraordinary opportunity to experience the cool Caribbean breezes and the incomparable beauty of our surroundings. Jamaica Inn invites our guests to experience authentic hospitality through our attentive service, unique food, culture and music.
Pay attention to the following features that are sure to facilitate a restful time away while on property here with us.
  • Atmosphere – From your first greeting, to the calming blue hues in our lobby upon arrival, the atmosphere here facilitates a feeling of rest and luxury that is set apart from the rest. There is nothing like a crisp Caribbean breezes that aid in welcoming you home, or the warm smiles of our front desk agents. The atmosphere of relaxation can also be felt at dinner under the stars, unwind with a chilled drink and friendly banter.
  • Reflection – Spend some time under a cool palapa sipping away on a drink of your choice. We suggest a fruity pina colada or Teddy’s Planters Punch while staring at the beautiful calming blue horizon ahead. Calm reflection clears the mind and relieves tension of yesterday.
  • Time – In paradise time tends to stand still. At Jamaica Inn there are no TV’s, alarms or clocks in our rooms. This is intentionally done so that guests feel as relaxed as possible. They truly have the opportunity to unwind from the daily restrictions of time and enjoy the luxury of doing absolutely nothing.
Remember these elements that are second nature here and enjoy your stay here with us.
Spread the word! Jamaica Inn is the place to unwind. Book with us today, contact reservation at 876 9742514 or

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