The major contributor to Global warming is as we know, CO2 emissions which directly impact the protective ozone layer. Governments around the world are working feverishly with many different industries in trying to reduce their outputs or at the least, offset them to some extent.

Travel and Tourism are not exempt and we have our part to play. It is for this reason that we at the Inn have embarked on a mission to reduce our Carbon footprint. So much so that we have a goal of becoming Carbon Neutral by the year 2025.

Approximately eight years ago, we became extremely aware of the declining state of Jamaica’s environment, evident in many aspects of our daily lives. These include waste management, or lack thereof, deforestation, rising oceans, declining marine biodiversity, deplorable reefs, and suffering livelihoods in our communities, just to name a few.

It was at this point we took an internal oath to do as much as we could to combat the growing concerns. As such, we established and sustain many initiatives which are eco-friendly and promote conservation and environmental awareness. These have now been embedded in our ethos and are a way of life at the Inn.

Environmental Initiatives

  • The use of renewable energy from our solar farm
  • Installing LED bulbs in every area of the property
  • Utilize inverter motors in all our pools pumps, fans, air conditions, refrigerators
  • Five onsite compost pods have been built to produce fertilizer and mulch from kitchen scraps, seaweed, garden cuttings, dried leaves and other organic matter, for the property’s extensive lush gardens
  • We separate and recycle other waste items. Plastics and cardboard is bailed for collection on property
  • Grey water from the laundry is recycled to use in our gardens
  • There is a very popular and effective Turtle Conservation Program
  • The use of eco-friendly chemicals in all departments
  • Styrofoam products and other F&B disposables such as plastic straws are eliminated on property
  • Each department has established ‘Green Mandates’ and, for a bit of fun, we present the ever unpopular ‘Energy Hog Award’ for delinquent departments
  • Every quarter, a team member is presented with the ‘Most Environmentally Aware’ Award

There is no ‘other’ way at Jamaica Inn. Please join us in helping to save our planet.


  1. Anonymous

    Bravo, and perfectly in line with the lovely Jamaica Inn. Kyle, you are the most perfect ambassador of Her. I’m proud to know you.

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