Rupert's Legacy lives on: Meet Jevaughn Roache

November 2, 2018

Hello friends of the Inn,
We would like to announce the newest members of our team, Jevaughn Roache. Jevaughn started working with us in July 2018 of this year and is currently working as a bar attendant. Jevaughn is not only just a bar tend here with us but is the grandson of a beloved bartender of ours Rupert Davis who passed away in January of 2018. Rupert was the resident croquet master on property and was known for his quick wit and sense of humour. His warm smile will never be forgotten and he is fondly remembered by all.
Jevaughn met Kyle Mais (General Manager) at Rupert’s memorial and was pleasantly surprised when he requested to work at Jamaica Inn. Jevaughn now currently works in the same department as his grandfather hence creating a legacy of smiles for many more years to come.
We got a chance to catch up with Jevaughn recently and asked him a few questions about his time here with us so far:

What is your favourite part of working at Jamaica Inn?

My favorite part of working at the Inn is just being here with everyone else. Even though I’m learning the ropes I enjoy learning about different people and cultures. It feels like a home away from home for me.

What made you want to work at Jamaica Inn?

I wanted to make my grandfather proud and I genuinely enjoy bartending. I thought It would be a job I could learn a lot from and I liked the fact I could continue my grandfather’s legacy.

What is your memorable experience thus far?

One of my grandfather’s most loved guest Janet told me a joke that made me smile and I felt happy and overwhelmed all at the same time. I liked that I can now hear jokes he told that made others happy.
Look out for Jevaughn the next time you visit with us!


  1. Nigel Ritchie

    I have only just read this blog for the first time, and am greatly saddened to hear of Rupie’s passing. My wife and I were supposed to be at the Jamaica Inn in November last year, but she, too, passed away so I had to cancel. However, I know she will be getting even more tips from Rupie now so that when I join them I shall be hammered again on that Lawn up there! I am “coming home” again in a few days time – on my own, but I know I shall be once again with a happy family, and am particularly looking froward to meeting Rupie’s grandson, Jevaughn! My deepest belated sympathy to all of Rupie’s family, including the staff at Jamaica Inn.

    1. Jamaica Inn

      Thank you Nigel. Your heartfelt words are appreciated.

  2. jackie gentile

    Welcome to you, Jevaughn Roache! What a fine looking young man you are! I wish you a fine, long life at the Inn. They are lucky to have you. Your grandfather, Rupert, is smiling broadly from the heavens above!

    1. Jamaica Inn

      We agree. Thank you for your gracious words Jackie.

  3. Jack Rehner

    Welcome Home, Jevaughn, as they say! We look forward to meeting you. Your grandfather was a dear friend of ours, and you have big shoes to fill. He was “Mr. Jamaica Inn” and we are happy you can carry on his legacy. See you soon!

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