Shades of Blue Photo Contest Winners

September 16, 2016

We would like to share a bit more information on some of our top contenders from our recent Shades of Blue Photo Competition 2016. The pictures were truly some of the most beautiful we’ve ever seen, covering Jamaica Inn’s green landscapes, breathtaking sunsets, fish, wildlife, guests at leisure and spectacular ocean views.

There were five honorary judges this year and they had a difficult time choosing the three best photos because of the number of high quality photos submitted. In the end, the choices were split amongst a gorgeous infinity plunge pool, a breathtaking view and one of our many bird friends at the Inn.

The first place winner hails from Canada and sent the winning submission with comment “I’m attaching a favourite photo taken during our honeymoon. It proves that the beach at Jamaica Inn is spectacular in every light.” We agree with his comment totally. The infinity plunge pools at the Inn are the perfect additions to our cottages and allow guests to relax in the comfort of their accommodations. The billowing blue waves and the gorgeous plant life that are reflected in the calm surface of the pool are captured perfectly in this shot.


1st Place – submitted by C. Roach 

The second place A. Stick winner is from Philadelphia, USA and sent her submission in with the following comment, “My husband, Howard Stick, and I are each submitting a photo from one of our memorable visits to Jamaica Inn. We look forward to returning to enjoy all those beautiful blues once again, along with all your other wonderful offerings”. The 2nd place photo shows a combination of the features that make Jamaica Inn distinct, a spectacular view of the Ocho Rios coastline, matching sky, Jamaica Inn’s perfectly manicured lawns and our periwinkle blue buildings along the West Wing.


2nd Place – submitted by A. Stick 

The third place winner K. Kullman hails from Philadelphia, USA and submitted their photo with the simple caption “Feathered Friend from Jamaica Inn.” This was a named as one of our most memorable photos because of the striking variation of blues and the quick capture of one of our flighty local birds, the Night Hunting Herron. This beautiful bird species is most active at dusk and in the night and can be seen in flight gliding over the waters with its feet barely visible. The majority of judges mentioned that they knew this would be a top photo from the start and there was a lengthy deliberation confirming the same.


3rd Place – submitted by K. Kullman 

Congratulations to the above winners! Jamaica Inn would like to thank all our guests for submitting their entries this year and we look forward to next years competition! Until then save your photos, you never know if your shot may be the winning photo for the upcoming year.


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