Shadow IV: Its a Dog's Life

December 8, 2017

All guests at the Inn know who’s really in charge on property. It’s our favorite furry friend Shadow! Affectionately called “Shads” by most of the line staff, our favorite girl spends her days, playing outdoors, snooping around and patrolling the lovely grounds. Shadow is is often the first to greet guests that arrive. Her innate loveable personality and large brown eyes make her an ideal candidate for the Director of Pet Relations role, requiring such skills as playing with toys, napping in shady spots and accepting belly rubs. 
We thought it’d be fun to give you all an insider’s look on a day in the life of Shadow our lovable hotel pet.

Shadow’s Estate 
Shadow starts her day at 8 am and usually has a quick morning play with one of our owners, sometimes she goes on a quick swim or paddle board adventure. Shadow enjoys being in the water and loves to show off her excellent balancing skills.
 Shadow then visits the offices to say hello to team members (she has her favorites) and after a few belly rubs Shadow heads out to take a morning nap. At 10 am Shadow has a sessions with Rohan her trainer three times a week and spends the mornings doing a combination of drills and play activities.  
At 3 pm Shadow has a meal and rests a bit in her suite. At 5 pm, Shadow retires for the evening and drifts off to sleep listening to the sounds of our tree frogs as the day draws to an end. 
**Just a note that although Shadow is an expert at looking affectionately at our guests with her puppy dog eyes during meal times, we don’t encourage guests to feed her. We’d like to ensure she’s healthy enough to run and play bringing joy to our guests for many more years to come. 



  1. Reply

    This is so cute! I can’t believe it’s actually possible for me to take my dog with me on a vacation like this 🙂
    In Jamaica, too!
    Absolutely wonderful. We definitely do not have this type of establishments in Sweden yet.
    It’s too cold, and nobody wants to travel here 🙂
    I’m going to take a look at your romance packages to see if I find anything interesting for the missus 🙂
    /Nabil, from cold Sweden

    1. Jamaica Inn

      Hello Nabil, unfortunately no other pets are allowed on property. Shadow is our only resort dog allowed to roam the property. She’ll be happy to welcome you and your wife during your next visit with us.

  2. Gail Parker

    Awww, we miss Shadow and everything else about Jamaica Inn. Please send this and any other brochures to friends of ours who are interested in booking a March vacation at the Inn after hearing us talk about it. Our friends are also great dog lovers and have a Brittany Spaniel named Rocky. Please send info to:
    Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Feldman
    136 Knights Bridge
    Wynnewood, PA 19096

    1. Jamaica Inn

      Will do!

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