Shadow the Lifeguard

November 1, 2016

We have fabulous news about our furry friend. Shadow is now more than a pretty face, she is now the newest member of our pool and beach team as an honorary lifeguard. Shadow has been trained for the past few weeks to rescue those who may run into difficulty while swimming at our beach.
Rohan, Shadow’s trainer, commented that Shadow is an excellent swimmer and natural lifeguard. Guests on the beach who witnessed her first rescue mission stated that she genuinely seemed to enjoy assisting those in need. Shadow loved the attention and did not disappoint her supporters, she was able to complete each assigned rescue finishing off with her signature shake once back on shore.
Shadow is the perfect fit for her new role. Labradors are used as rescue dogs and are known for their swimming and retrieving abilities. They are easy to train and are highly sensitive to distress and the emotions of others around them. Shadow acts as an intelligent lifebuoy who after seeing someone in distress recognized by waving arms or a call is able to meet the guest in need by using her body as a floating device. The guest can then hold onto Shadow and is led safely back to shore.
Be sure to ask for Shadow upon check in, she’s ready to meet all our guests with open paws and lovable smile!


  1. Reply

    Touching story. Labradors are very smart.

    1. Jamaica Inn

      Many thanks!

  2. Roy & Kaisa

    Hello to Shadow from Roy & Kaisa in Florida! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Jamaica Inn

      Shadow says a hearty hello!

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