Spotlight on Nora Grandison: JI 30+ Year All Star

March 27, 2017


We’d like to share with you another feature on one of our 30+ year All Stars, Nora Grandison, our longest serving housekeeping attendant. Nora, affectionately known as “Ms. Kitty” started with Jamaica Inn as a laundry attendant in 1980. We were able to ask her a few questions:
Why did you decide to work for JI 30+ years ago?
My mother was looking for a job at the time and got a call to start working for Jamaica Inn and another place of business. My mother did not want to say no to either opportunity and encouraged me to go for the job at Jamaica Inn. I worked in the laundry department for 7 years and when a vacancy came up in the Housekeeping department I asked management if I could fill the position. At that time Ms. Edith was the Housekeeping manager and she agreed with Mr. Charlie and Archie (the current owners father and uncle) that I could join the Housekeeping department.
What was the thing that surprised you most about working for this company – the thing you were least expecting?
The thing that surprised me the most was how enjoyable it is to work for Jamaica Inn. I have no complaints I’ve been well taken care of over the years and I am appreciative of that. I would honestly encourage anyone to work here.
After 25 years of service, what do you value most about JI and your work?
I value the fact that Mr. Charlie and Archie died and left Jamaica Inn to their children Mr. Eric and Mr. Peter. I try to take care of this property as it was my own in honor of them. I feel as if the Inn is my home, I don’t hesitate to complete a task, even those outside of my work responsibilities.
What do you recall as being your most memorable moment in JI?
When my boss Mr. Peter asks me how long I have been with the hotel and I smile and say “a very long time”. It makes me feel proud to be a part of a family. I look forward to come to my job each day.
If you had one wish for JI in the future what would it be?
My wish for Jamaica inn is to see it continuously growing strong. I would never want to see it fail.
What is your all-time favorite Jamaican song?
Any song from Peter Tosh or Tony Rebel.


  1. Nancy Lewis

    What an honor on both parts; one, to be able to work for JI for that long, and two, to have an employee like Ms. Kitty. We look forward to when we are able to come back for another visit. Love all the staff and in love with JI!!

    1. Jamaica Inn

      We love you too Nancy! We will ensure to pass on your sentiments to Ms. Kitty.

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