Spotlight on Nicole Henry

July 24, 2015

Nicole Henry picture for blog postWe recently had the chance to sit down for a quick chat with Nicole, our Director of Sales and Marketing to ask her about her work repertoire at Jamaica Inn and some other fun things we would love to share.
Nicole is a very busy lady and getting her to sit down to chat was hard, not only does she a lot travel for the hotel, but her phone in the office never stops ringing – she is a very on-the-go lady!

How long have you been working here at Jamaica Inn?

Ten years!  It seems like yesterday when I started, but time has flown.

Where are you from?

I am from Kingston, St. Andrew – but I moved to Ocho Rios when I fell in love with it and wanted to live closer to the sea.

What is your typical day to day repertoire as Director of Sales and Marketing?

Wow, I don’t think that any day at the Inn is the same as the one before. Sales and Marketing covers such a wide cross section of activities that I am not sure where to begin to describe a “typical day.” Most of my time is on the computer so I always look forward to having agents in-house that I can show around and enjoy the beauty of the property while getting to know them a bit.
My work on the computer would of course include emails of all sorts. I am also often working on contracting, creating promotions, analyzing reports looking for trends or where action may be required, working with our Sales Representatives Worldwide to promote the Inn, liaising with our PR company, being in constant contact with our online marketing company, implementing actions to ensure we stay within budget and are meeting targets, overseeing the reservations department, being the night manager some evenings and assisting in day to day hotel operations. Meetings as well as conference calls with sales/marketing team members are of course also often a big part of my day.

What is the favourite part of your job?

Picking my favourite thing about being here would be like trying to pick my favourite ingredient in rocky road ice cream. There are so many things I love about being here, it’s is hard to put one above the next. I must say that the people that I work with here make my day every day! As we are a family owned hotel, we have evolved into a very close knit family as a team here. I can’t think of a day that we are not having fun with each other while working and supporting each other in everything that we do. Laughter and smiles are almost inevitable, no matter where you go on property.
I also take great pleasure in getting to know our guests who arrive from all over the globe. I find it absolutely fascinating to meet people from different countries and cultures. Luckily, we tend to get the nicest guests here, so we end up chatting mostly about Jamaica and where they are from as well. I can safely say that “you learn something new every day” is true to form at the Inn, which makes the Manager’s cocktail party something I look forward to every Tuesday.
Being able to look up at any time of the day from pretty much anywhere I am on property and see that glistening aquamarine Caribbean Sea is something that I can never get tired of! Every morning I come in, I take a few seconds to pause and drink in the amazing view…which by the way makes my job of selling a lot easier as well.

What do you like doing on your day off or time away from the hotel?

Most of the time I end up relaxing at home or spending it with family & friends. I am not from Ocho Rios originally and I moved here because I fell in love with it. There are so many things to see and do including a river or beach within 5 minutes of wherever you are, so naturally sometimes my day off might be at the beach paddle boarding or at a river. I also try to play tennis whenever I can as I enjoy it tremendously.

What are your fave hang out spots around the area?

In terms of restaurants I would highly recommend Toscanini’s, Miss. T’s and Passage to India. They all have amazing food and atmospheres as well as areas where you can lounge and enjoy the company of your friends. The bar I would head to for a night on the town is Johncrows. I find most people I know end up hanging out there as well and the service there is usually good.
ToscaIn the daytime, Bamboo Blu Beach is a refreshing spot to spend the day. It is a very nice beach with refreshments just an order away. Also, taking a bbq grill up to the river at Blue Hole with some friends or chilling at Irie River reminds me exactly why I moved to Ocho Rios, I just adore it! I consider myself very lucky to be enjoying day to day life somewhere that so many people look forward to coming to visit on their vacation.

Bamboo Blu Beach and RestaurantWhere do you see yourself in five years?

Hopefully right where I am typing today!
Thank you Nicole, for your passionate and dedicated service in the last ten years – we really appreciate you and all you do for The Inn!!  Keep up the fabulous work.

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