Suite Highlight: Premier Verandah Suite

May 29, 2018

What better way to spend a vacation here with us than in one of if not the the most popular rooms on property, our Premier Verandah suites. These suites have fully furnished outside living room style verandahs and are located either directly on the water (West Wing), right on the beach (Beach Wing) or close to the Beach (Main Wing).

Save some bread from breakfast to feed the many beautiful tropical fishes from your West Wing Verandah, choose to be located on the Beach Wing where you simply step down from your Verandah into the sand or enjoy the panoramic Main Building View.

Opt to dine in by ordering breakfast, lunch or dinner in the comfort of your own room while overlooking beach views. Our room service team has impeccable timing and serves each meal course by course, giving guests a restaurant type experience at times convenient for them.
Be sure to mention our Premier Verandah suites when speaking with our reservationists! Call us direct at 1 877 470 6975 or email us at

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