Take a Boat Ride with Tony/ Marvin

July 2, 2017

Hello friends of the Inn!
Today we wanted to share with you one of the most popular activities here at the Inn. Guests have the opportunity to go to Dunn’s River Falls by boat. The boat ride allows for spectacular views of the coastline from a totally different angle, including seeing the waterfalls flowing down to the sea.
We usually make sure that we don’t send guests to the falls at a time that a cruise ship is in, so the falls won’t be crowded. Want to stop and snorkel? No problem! Tony and Marvin know all the great spots. Tony & Marvin can also take you Deep Sea Fishing for some more adventure or on a simple swimming trip. Interested in a boat trip during your next stay? Email us at reservations@jamaicainn.com or call us directly at 876 9742514.


  1. Nautal

    It’s a wonderful experience! everyone should do it!! Specially in an island like Jamaica!

    1. Jamaica Inn

      We agree!

  2. Justine Laurenti

    My husband and I just came back from Jamaica Inn and miss is very much.
    We went on a boat ride and snorkeling with Marvin and we had a lot of fun. It’s a fantastic experience. Thank you very much.

    1. Jamaica Inn

      You’re most welcome Justine! I’m glad you enjoyed the boat ride.

  3. Bob Lasher

    My family and I have taken the boat to the falls a few times. I’m not sure which we like better the ride or the falls. It’s the ONLY way to go… in our opinion. 😉

    1. Jamaica Inn

      Thanks Bob!

  4. Carmella

    What the weather like in November?

    1. Jamaica Inn

      Hello Carmella,
      The weather in November is sunny and bright ranging on average 25 – 30 degrees Celsius. November – December are usually the cooler of the winter months with cooler Caribbean breezes that blow throughout the afternoon on into the night. In Jamaica we call this “Christmas breeze”.

  5. Kristin Hunter

    We will be there 8/2-8/7. Do we need to make reservations in advance for a boat ride? Or can we just arrange for it when we arrive? What is the cost? Thanks

    1. Jamaica Inn

      Hello Kristin,
      The cost is $45 per person for the boat ride. You can arrange before or during your stay. If you would like to arrange before kindly contact reservations@jamaicainn.com.

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