The Benefits of a Vacation Getaway

October 12, 2016
lynn-rossetto-1078It’s no secret that a vacation time away relieves stress and helps one to unwind. Countless people anticipate a set time away for a vacation each year, planning for months in advance to ensure the time spent away is spent doing creative activities or sometimes just nothing at all.
Scientists from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, the University of California, San Francisco in conjunction with Harvard Medical School published research that studies the effects of relaxation on mental and physical health. Researchers in an attempt to study the ” Vacation Effect” whisked 94 women away for a week at a luxury resort in California. Scientists then examined the subjects’ DNA, looking for changes in 20,000 genes to determine which ones were most affected by the resort experience. Both groups showed a significant change post-vacation, and the biggest differences were found in genes that work to strengthen your immune system and mitigate responses to stress. The study showed long lasting effects of the relaxation period for up to 10 months after the vacation period ended. The study’s final conclusive statements were that a relaxing vacation alters stress coping mechanisms and increases the body’s capability to fight diseases.
Why travel to unwind? There is a vast difference between vacationing at home versus lounging on a private beach surrounded by experienced staff trained to attend to your every need. Jamaica Inn is the perfect place for guests to completely detach themselves from the everyday mundane of work and other stresses of life. We invite guests to unwind and relax surrounded by one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful and relaxing beach, beautiful manicured gardens and other distinct Jamaican flora and fauna.
Our bodies need a separate space and time from our daily grind to recover and rejuvenate. Vacation in a relaxing, resort-like environment takes you away from the stress of everyday work, providing a great contrast. A relaxing vacation you allows the body and mind to experience a break from high stress which in turn affects the cells in your immune system. This means a vacation is actually vital to prolong health and vitality. See below benefits of a great vacation time away.
Benefits of a Vacation 
  • Reduces Stress
    At Jamaica Inn there are enough palapas and honeymoon spots for everyone, plenty of cozy places to tan, sip a cool drink or watch the sunset.
  • Stimulates mental and physical health
    Research has also shown that vacation time away allows for the rejuvenation and restructuring of creative brain cells. Just being outside of your normal surrounding gives the mind an opportunity to relax.
  • Improves relationships
    The time spent away with family or friends creates closer bonds facilitating unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. Jamaica Inn invites our guests to celebrate their special times here with us. Nobody does luxury like Jamaica Inn, plan an elegant getaway or a beach party celebration for your family or friends. Check out our new Milestone Memories package here.
  • Makes you happier
    Just being around the laid back environment of Jamaica Inn and immersed in the culture of Jamaican people and staff will improve your emotional state.
  • Makes you more productive
    After a relaxing time away guests will return rejuvenated and more equipped to take on new challenges of every day life.

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    I love that you mentioned that beach travel vacation relieves stress and helps oneself to unwind from the reality of life. My family and I are planning to take a vacation at the Ponte Vedra Beach since we have heard feedback from our family friends that it is a good place to have fun and relax from the busy days of everyday life. I guess I need to take a look at their package deals and book accommodation for all of us since we all need to recover and rejuvenate.

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      Thanks for your comment Tammie! Do consider us for your next vacation stay with family.

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