The Benefits of Sunshine

October 27, 2018


A necessary staple here at the Inn is sunshine. Its synonymous with the beach and is needed for a good summer day. Sun exposure itself has gotten a bad rap lately with talk of excess UV exposure and its effects on the skin, disadvantages of tanning as well as a myriad of other reasons to avoid prolonged periods of sun exposure. Little do we know that that we need the sun and its rays have more of an impact on our bodies and general disposition than we are aware of.
The benefits of sunlight include:

  1. Vitamin D synthesis: Vitamin D is needed for the absorption of calcium that promotes bone growth. Vitamin D has also been known to lower high blood pressure, helps muscles, improves brain function and may even protect against cancer.
  2. Enhances our general well being – exposure to sunlight has a huge impact on depression, seasonal affective disorder and sleep quality. Doctors recommend at least 15 minutes of sunlight daily.
  3. Sunlight kills bad bacteria. The German solders after WWI knew of the discoveries that had been made in 1903 by the Nobel Prize winner, Niels Finsen. They used sunlight to disinfect and heal wounds.
  4. Sunlight increases oxygen content in human blood. And, it also enhances the body’s capacity to deliver oxygen to the tissues; very similar to the effects of exercise. The sun has a great effect on stamina, fitness and muscular development.
  5. Sunlight builds the immune system. The white blood cells, which increase with sun exposure, are called lymphocytes, and these play a major role in defending the body against infections

We don’t recommend hours of endless sun exposure without skin protection such as sun block but we do recommend enjoying a few minutes of sun daily. You’ll be glad you did!

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