The Debate Mate Cup Semi Finals

May 24, 2016

Hello Friends,

We thought we would update you on our on-going efforts through our Foundation to aid school children across the island with debating skills.

The mission of Debate Mate International (founded by Commercial Barrister, Margaret McCabe in London) is to go into communities to help students overcome social immobility by raising students aspirations simply through exposing them to positive role models, helping them to gain confidence and thus motivating them to fulfill their potential.

We have written about these Foundation Efforts before on the Blog, and in the last quarter our focus has been centered mainly on a school that we decided to sponsor in relation to Debate Mate Jamaica called “The Steer Town Academy.”  Students are taught primarily by Debate Mate Mentors and Mentors from the Community (and our hotel) to learn the fine art of debating. In the course of a few school terms, they are ready for the final debate competition against other schools and will have learnt how to use relevant points to debate a topic that has been given just before the actual debate. The judges score on overall team work, points given and how knowledgeable about the topic at hand.

Downing Street (003)

Debate Mate International was founded by Margaret McCabe in London and was applauded recently by PM Cameron in this official “tweet.” We in Jamaica want to work closely with Debate Mate Jamaica to help aid our youth with such educationally enhancing skills.

We at Jamaica Inn hosted the Semi-Finals of the Debate Mate Cup last week which involved the final four schools in the Challenge. To say we were impressed with the debating skills shown, would be an understatement!

Collage 1

Kyle Mais, GM of Jamaica Inn welcoming Debate Mate Jamaica and schools to Jamaica Inn for the Semi Finals.

Collage 2

Students starting to debate and preparing. Also shown at bottom left, judges including Jevon Henry (in red) one of the Directors of the Debate Mate Jamaica Program.

Collage 3

The Trophy for the Winning Team in the Finals, Students in debate mode, and Jevon thanking everyone for bringing such great debating skills to the Semi Finals.

 All in all, the Semi-Finals was a great success with all four schools/teams having given brilliant outlines of their two topics of the day. Professional, efficient and working as teams, they were an inspiration to all of us who watched and admired.

In the end the schools that went on to the Finals were St. Andrew Technical High and Ocho Rios High School, to which St. Andrew Technical High went on to the be 2016 Debate Mate Jamaica Champions.

We want to thank the entire team of the Jamaica Debate Mate Program, headed by Jevon Henry for their on-going amazing efforts in assisting students across the island in these skills.

If you are interesting in helping us with these efforts, please contact Jeanine @ as well as keep up here on the Blog and our new Foundation Facebook Page to hear more!

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