The Flynn Connection

February 21, 2020
Errol Flynn in Port Antonio
In 1946, Errol Flynn, Hollywood actor, and worldwide star during the preceding dozen years, inadvertently landed in Jamaica, when his 118 foot, sail boat (a decommissioned U.S. Navy vessel), the Zaca, developed mechanical problems. Flynn purportedly rented a motorcycle in Kingston, while the vessel was undergoing repairs, and headed northeast along the coast. It was there that Flynn discovered the idyllic small town of Port Antonio. He was immediately smitten, as it reminded him of the tranquil islands of Polynesia, with clear waters and friendly locals. Over the next few years, Flynn spoke glowingly of Jamaica’s charms to his Hollywood friends and America’s elites, drawing many to the “new found” paradise. Flynn’s imprint on Jamaica would have a dramatic impact in the decades ahead. With the help of rapid leaps in airline transportation, the social world Flynn tapped into would soon discover the treasures of Jamaica. Fast forward a dozen years and we find ourselves at the  beautiful boutique property named Jamaica Inn which became the choice vacation spot for many of these aristocrats. The intimate laid back atmosphere, personalized service and easy Caribbean breezes lend itself to unpretentious luxury. Cloaked in upmost discretion and privacy, Jamaica Inn is the perfect hideaway for the discerning traveler, ideal for those who appreciate the luxury of space and the privilege of no hassle relaxation.  

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