The Jamaica Inn Foundation – An Update

August 20, 2015

We thought we would give you an update on our Foundation efforts and mention about the Charities we sponsor, as well as to inform you about a new school we have recently taken on.

Thank you to each and every one of you who has donated towards these efforts through our guest registration form, or through other measures. Because of your generosity, we have been able to help our turtle conservation efforts, a teen home, and now a school!

Our Foundation Efforts Continue

With our turtle project, we have managed to help our local “Turtle Director” Mel Tennant with his tireless efforts at conservation and preservation of the endangered hawksbill sea turtles that flock to our shores to lay eggs every year all along our North Coast. Mel has recorded more than 16,000 hatching’s and over 100 nests in the last year! We know at Jamaica Inn it is vital to protect the areas on our beach when a sea turtle comes ashore to lay eggs, and it is our Foundation efforts that help to keep Mel running back and forth to train, teach and track the nests for protection. It is also a memorable experience for our guests to witness when the baby sea turtles arrive!

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We continue to help and sponsor our Teen Girl’s Home in the local area for upkeep towards accommodation and day-to-day expenses. These young ladies are learning skills each day at the home, which includes sewing, cooking, jewelry making, and other wonderful crafts. It is a small home run by the energetic Barbara who we have the utmost respect for.

Steer Town Students

Some of the students who attend the Steer Town Primary School, the school that our Foundation is now supporting towards debating skills for the students.

Recently we have taken on a new school in St. Ann called “Steer Town Primary Junior High.”  The Jamaica Inn Foundation will be aiding the school with funds and training for teaching the children how to debate, per our affiliation with Debate Mate International. Students of all ages and abilities will benefit from the skills and confidence that debating develops. So we have decided to “sink our teeth” into a school nearby where we can give more dedicated focus and be able to see the progress of the students periodically.

If you have donated to our Foundation and would like to be updated on our efforts, we will be soon be sending out more regular newsletters, and also please contact Jeanine Tribley @

If you are visiting us soon and would like to donate anything at all towards our efforts, please also contact us.



  1. Mary Bergstresser

    Will wait to hear from Jeanine.

  2. Mary and David Bergstresser

    We would like to donate. What is the process?

    1. Jamaica Inn

      Hello Mary and David!
      Thank you so much for your interest in our Foundation. It is growing and we love to know that our valued guests and friends want to help.
      We see your email address so Jeanine Tribley will send you an email on the details. Thank you so much again for your interest!

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