The Jamaica Inn Foundation Efforts Continue!

April 12, 2016

Hello Friends,

We love to update you from time to time on our Foundation efforts and support.

If you did not know, we have a Foundation – which is called The Jamaica Inn Foundation.  It was set  up a few years ago as a non-profit organisation to provide support to our local community by means of assisting with the education and well being of our youth as well as to aid with the on-going efforts to preserve our precious marine environment around us.

Mel Tennant and Kyle Mais October 31 2013

We at The Foundation are happy to support Mel Tennant and his Oracabessa Turtle Bay Project, to which we now have a viable Turtle Release Program on our own Beach that many guests have experienced!


If you have visited Jamaica Inn in the past, you may have experienced a once in a lifetime Hawksbill Turtle Release on our beach. It is a very emotional and touching experience to see the baby turtles make their way confidently to the sea…but our Foundation works closely with Mel Tennant to ensure that the mama turtles are able to make it back to our shores to lay their eggs. We want to keep the Hawksbill sea turtle population thriving in our waters.  Education is the key, and we have a system whereby our staff are trained to a point to understand the concept as well as to aid where needed with the entire process from A-Z.

Our support of Mel and The Oracabessa Turtle Bay Project continues and will continue.  We encourage you to participate in one of these turtle releases if you are here with us in “Turtle Season” – which is the season of baby hatchings on our beach – usually in the Summer months to October/November.  We also welcome any donation to that effort, which is very simple – just let our Front Desk know at check out or during your stay.

Turtle fish sanctuary

We are working tirelessly to set up a well needed Fish Sanctuary off our Shores at Jamaica Inn to protect our reefs, and encourage our fish and sea turtle population.

We work tirelessly with the various Local Agencies and Fishermen on a very important Fish Sanctuary that we have commenced the setting up of. It will take a few years but we are driven and passionate to make it happen. We want to see our reefs thriving with beautiful coral, and encourage more of a healthy fish population in our waters without being depleted as it stands now. Efforts are on-going and we work hard to set this up.

As for our Community, we have a special school – The Steer Town Academy that we support with regard to our role with Debate Mate Jamaica. Debate Mate organises “Debate Mentors” to go into the schools across the island to help teach young school children the fine art of debating – to the point of a national competition!  Our Mentors at Jamaica Inn are very active and keep up with all the smaller competitions.  Recently the ladies from The Steer Town Academy made it as runner’s up in the finals with Ferncourt School in Ocho Rios. Pictured below is the team with their trophy – congrats to them!

Students at Ferncourt March 2016

Congrats to the Debate Team of Steer Town Academy who made it as runner’s up in the finals against Ferncourt High School in Ocho Rios!

We are also in the process of supporting a small but important Volleyball Team in our Community. The Oracabessa High School Volleyball Team play across the island and are driven and focused to learn the game. They are led by Coach and Teacher, Adrian Ramdeen who is passionate about teaching them the right skills to win and work together as a team.

Issa Volleyball Team

We would like to be able to provide any support we can to The Oracabessa Volleyball Team for their wonderful efforts! The Foundation will support with aid of vital volleyball equipment and gear needed.

The long term goals of the ‘Volleyball Program’ at Oracabessa High School is to provide quality and consistent tutoring for the student athlete and to promote the development of skills and academics through sports and to allow these amazing athletes a chance to acquire scholarships and national recognition through proper preparation and molding.

We at The Foundation are very keen to support where we can with items needed in terms of equipment – volleyball nets, training balls, as well as shoes and outfits for the team to keep them playing and focused!

We now have a new Facebook Page for our Foundation that we would love for you to follow see link below – keep up with all the news here on the Blog and on our Page.

We thank you for your support and interest in our Foundation efforts!

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